Process Controllers

Installed in more than 250 000 control applications in industrial processes and in mechanical and systems engineering and other areas, the SIPART DR series is your solution for process control. The compact controllers with continuous output signal or switching output have been designed especially for spacesaving panel mounting.

Process Controllers

Controller SPADR 24


Controller SIPART DR 24All-round process controller for all processspecific tasks in 72x144 mm format, including mathematical calculations, logic operations, open-loop controls and time scheduled closed-loop controls. Up to four independent control loops


 Format 72x144 mm
 Options Additional modules for analog Input, digital inputs/outputs
 Communication RS 232/PROFIBUS DP; Can be used as backup controller


  • up to 4 independant control-loops
  • library with basic and complex functions
  • up to 11 analog inputs or 9 analog output

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