Complex processes in view:
SIREC process recorders

The more complex the processes in process technology, research and development, the greater the role of process recorders. This is because complexity increases the need for visualization and analysis. With SIREC range, we offers process recorders for all measuring, monitoring, and registering tasks meeting the process requirements of today and tomorrow.

Process Recorders

Line Recorder SPREC L/LA


Controller SIPART DR 24Continuous line recorders, up to 3 channels, alphanumeric print optional, cycle time 250ms pen lift funktion at power failure


 Channels 1, 2 or 3 analog channels, 2 digital channels
 Cycle time 250ms
 Format 144 x 144


  • Free ajustment of the measuring range
  • Recorder also usable as indicator
  • Less consumable of ink because of pen lift function

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