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Using the right flow meter for specific applications can significantly improve productivity. This is why we offers a comprehensive selection of electromagnetic, Coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex, rotary piston, and differential pressure flowmeters. Regardless of your industry, we can provide you with the ideal flow meter.

Flow Measurement

FSP10 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor


Controller SIPART DR 24 The Lucenline FSP10 paddlewheel flow sensor is a highly reliable sensor that can measure flow from 0.15 - 8m/s(0.5 -26ft/s). The output signal of the FSP10 is a highly repeatable frequency signal. The key IC of the sensor has superior temperature measurement stability and short-circuit protected output. Using proper fittings, the Lucenline FSP10 flow sensor can measure pipes in sizes from DN15 to DN600 (0.5" to 24").


 Pipe Size Range DN15 to DN600 (0.5" to 24").
Select different installation fittings for different pipe sizes and materials.
 Measuring Range 0.15 to 8 m/s(0.5 to 26 ft./s).
 Linearity ± 1% of maximum range.
 Repeatability (in any fittings) ± 0.5% of maximum range.
 Minimum Reynolds Number Required 4500.
 Enclosure IP68.
 Wetted Materials Sensor Body: CPVC.
O-rings: EPDM/FPM.
Rotor: PVDF.
Rotor pin: Titanium.
Bearings: Titanium.
 Supply voltage 3 to 24 VDC ± 10% regulated.
 Supply current < 4mA @ 24 VDC.
 Output signal Square wave.
Frequency: 45 Hz per m/s nominal (13.7 Hz per ft/s nominal).
Short-circuit protected open collector.
Output current: 25mA maximum.
 Sensor Cable Cable length: 6.1 m (20.0 ft) standard, 305 m (1000 ft) maximum.
Cable type: 22 AWG fully annealed stranded tinned copper per ASTM B-33.
 Maximum Operating Pressure / Temperature
 CPVC body 12 bar (174 psi) @ 25°C (77°F)
1.5 bar (22 psi) @ 80° C (176°F).


  • Five blade paddlewheel for good accuracy
  • Easy installation design
  • Wide range capacity
  • Square pulse output
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Operating range from 0.15 - 8m/s(0.5 -26ft/s)

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