Reliable, precise level measurement

We offers a unique and comprehensive range of contacting and non-contacting instrumentation for point level and continuous level measurement. Our intelligent level measurement devices are characterized by extreme precision and reliability, proven in countless installations in the process industry worldwide.

Level Measurement



LU180 The Lucenline LU180 Ultrasonic Level Meter is a 2-wire / 4-wire powered ultrasonic transmitter, and is designed for level, volume and flow monitoring of liquids in open channels, storage vessels and simple process vessels. The Lucenline LU180 is also available for solid pellet measurement.


 2-wire 4-digit LCD
 4-wire 6-digit LED
 Range 4m(liquid): LU180-1 series
8m(iquid): LU180-2 series
20m(liquid):LU180-3 series
 Blanking distance 0.2m:LU180-1 series
0.3m:LU180-2 series
0.8m:LU180-3 series
 Accuracy 0.2%FS (in the air)
 Resolution 1mm:LU180-1, LU180-2 series
1cm:LU180-3 series
 Temperature compensation Built-in to compensate over temperature range
 Beam angle 8°(3dB):LU180-1, LU180-2 series
5°(3dB):LU180-3 series
 Update time 1.5 s
 Power 24V DC±10%, 30mA
 Current Output 4-20 mA output
 Maximum loop impedance 0~500Ω
 User alarms (only for 4-wire) Relay output: Low or High
Relay Mode: form A
Total relays: 2
Enclosure Aluminum
 Aluminum ABS/PVC, PTFE (anticorrosive type)
 Degree of protection IP66
 Process connection Threaded connection: G 2" (BSPP)
Flange connection
 Ambient Conditions
 Ambient pressure ±1bar
 Ambient temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40 °F to 176 °F)


  • Non-contact measurement, low maintenance
  • Continuous level measurement up to 65 ft (20 m) range
  • Quick and simple commissioning via menu-guided local operation
  • Integrated temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation of sound velocity
  • Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio

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