Reliable, precise conductivity/
resistivity measurement

Installed in many measurement applications in industrial processes and in systems engineering and other areas, the CE30/C5100 series is your solution for conductivity/resistivity measurement. Our intelligent measurement devices are characterized by outstanding precision and reliability, proven in countless installations in the process industry worldwide.


CE30 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrodes


Controller SIPART DR 19The Lucenline CE30 series conductivity/resistivity electrodes are manufactured to exacting tolerances using high quality and rugged materials for general purpose applications and pure water applications. The electrode is built with a Pt 1000 RTD temperature element located at its tip to provide exceptionally fast response time to temperature changes while retaining a high measurement accuracy (± 0.2°C).


 Basic cell constant 0.01, 0.1, 1.0:
CE30-001 cell=0.01: 0.05μS~100μS(18.3MΩ~10KΩ)
CE30-01 cell=0.1: 1μS~1000μS(1MΩ~1KΩ)
CE30-1 cell=1.0: 10μS~10,000μS(100KΩ~100Ω)
 Maximum pressure 7.0 bar (102 psi)
 Maximum temperature 80°C (176°F)
 Temperature element PT1000 RTD
 Cable length 20.0 ft (6.1 m) standard, 100 ft (30.5 m) maximum
 Cable type 22 AWG fully annealed stranded tinned copper per ASTM B-33
 Wetted Materials
 Electrodes 316L stainless steel
 Insulator material PTFE


  • High-performance design
  • Conductivity and resistivity measurement capabilities
  • 316L SS standard electrode
  • Rapid temperature response time

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